The MOT Test Is Now Harder To Pass Than Ever

Laws regarding the requirements needed to pass the MOT test have just become much tougher.

It is expected that more cars will be failing the new tests, with the strain put particularly on diesel drivers.

The changes are aimed at increasing air quality and making the roads safer.

If your car is labelled as dangerous, it is then illegal to drive on the road. Even driving your car to a scrap yard or scrapping company can have you fined thousands of pounds.

More than 1 in 3 cars are already failing their tests, meaning this year could be a difficult one for vehicle drivers.

The amount of scrapped vehicles may now increase significantly from last year’s 1.8 million.

If you are scrapping your old car make sure you use a trusted company as there are a lot of companies that don’t recycle the parts efficiently.

Make sure you receive the correct paper work that proves the vehicle is no longer in your hands so you are not made to pay road tax, or fined for not doing so.

Forgetting your MOT could lead to fines.

Young drivers are urged to remember to get their MOT’s done in time as fines can be carried out on the spot.

If your car needs scrapping after it has failed its MOT, you are not allowed to drive it there yourself. Getting your car picked up is a good way of overcoming this hurdle.

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