The Lagonda Mission Concept Is an Aston Martin Electric Futuristic Fantasy

Tired of the same old cars coming out with a few modifications in every other car show on this planet? You need to see the new Lagonda Mission Concept. This beautiful and futuristic design will leave you awestruck in the very first look. This is the ultimate feat in luxury and if you had a look at it, you would love it too.

The Lagonda Mission Concept Reveal

The concept was revealed at the Geneva auto show and showcases a brand-new polarizing design that could easily enter the fantasies of any car lover. This brand new electric car can bring the future right into your garage. This electric luxury car range will be on road by 2021, creating a brand-new plan for the Lagonda brand.

The car’s design is so futuristic, it looks like it was teleported from an alien world. The engine comes up front and it has a beautiful cab-forward layout as well. The windshields are also very long and they go all the way up to the tires. The front of the car looks similar to the expensive Lagonda Taraf sedan but the design helps to maximize the interior space, by making the tail section smaller.

The car has a bold appeal and the interiors match the exterior perfection too. The batteries of the car are located right beneath the floor. The two back seats of the car are position right at the back but the two front seats will give you chills. They can be rotated a few degrees so you could enjoy a nice talk with your passengers while parking your car at some serene spot in the English countryside.

Lagonda could be an electric revolution for Aston Martin

Ever since the British marque brand Lagonda was folded into Aston Martin, it hasn’t been much of an eye catcher. An occasional sedan from the company could easily get attention but never really made into the top lists. Since then, it has become a lesser known sub-brand for Aston Martin. However, now, the parent company has a brand-new vision for it.

Lagonda will remain a sub-brand for Aston Martin but will foray directly into electric cars in the luxury segment. The brand could bring in a series of new EVs which could match its competitor and provide the finishing, style and luxury of a typical Aston Martin. It could be the first ever zero-emission luxury brand in the world, breathing in new life to its sedans.

The final word on Mission Concept

There is no doubt that the car is intensely futuristic. Its design is completely different from all the EVs revealed till date. Moreover, it keeps the autonomous driving experience in mind but doesn’t get rid of the human maneuvers completely.

Further updates to the car may bring in some more exciting concepts. The 180-degree rotating and well-padded seats and the 360 views of the surroundings are added perks in this luxury vehicle. It will be interesting to notice first hand reactions when the car hits the roads in 2021.

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