Funny, Strange and Interesting Facts About NASCAR Races You Didn’t Know

NASCAR defines American car racing. There is no doubt that American muscle and racing mania reaches its peak with the NASCAR rallies, especially with the first race of the season- the Daytona 500. As beautiful a spectacle as these races are, there are some interesting facts about them that most people don’t know about. If you are a racing fanboy and want to show off your knowledge of cool facts from NASCAR, read this post to the end.

  • A driver may lose 5 to 10 pounds of bodyweight through sweating alone while driving in the race. He has to continuously replenish this loss by drinking fluids. If a driver loses more than 3 percent of his body weight while racing and doesn’t replace it almost immediately, his focus will be dim and his reflexes will be shady. Not good news for someone who depends on his reflexes and unwavering focus.
  • There are 8 flags for the race but only one of them is special. It is waved only once in the race. The white flag carries this honor and it signifies the last lap in every race.
  • NASCAR’s first and biggest race of the year is Daytona 500. It kicks starts the official NASCAR season.
  • The NASCAR driver’s heartrate at the time of racing is between 120-150 for more than 3 hours during the race. This is equal to running a marathon race. This is also the reason why the sweat and body weight loss is so huge.
  • Did you know that the first woman in racing was Louise Smith? She was racing in various events secretly since 1945/1947 and entered competitions using a Ford Coupe her husband owned. She even went on to win 38 races in a variety of formats. If you have seen the movie Cars, you will find a character called Louise “Barnstormer” Nash, who is inspired from the real like Louis Smith.
  • Did you know that a driver’s license isn’t necessary for someone to participate in a NASCAR race? You could be driving a car at more than 200 mph with some of the finest drivers in the US without a license. However, drug tests and physical fitness tests are compulsory.
  • NASCAR is one of the biggest and grandest sporting events in the US. Stadiums where these races are held can accommodate more than 170,000 spectators at a time. Over 75 million people in the US alone follow these races while it broadcasts globally.
  • Cars can consume more 6000 gallons of fuel in just one race. A total of 43 cars enter the race which can consume more than 120 gallons per race. The racing cars run for 5 miles on each gallon of fuel.
  • NASCAR cars don’t have air conditioning systems and their windows are also sealed. The drivers have to sit in this oven like vehicle for over 4 hours depending on an improvised ventilation system.

NASCAR is still the most popular race in the US and also one of the most watched sporting events on television. Check out this year’s scheduled and get ready for an awesome adrenaline rush.

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