The Finest Cars Revealed At 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva motor show is one of the finest auto events of the year, bringing in classic weather, scenic views and a gathering or the best ever car reveals of the year. This year was dominated by a slew of electric cars and outrageous futuristic concepts. Here are some of the finest cars and ideas revealed at the auto show.

Pal-V Liberty The flying car

Taking a hint from all of the coolest superhero movies we have ever seen, Dutch aircraft manufacturer Pal-V, launched the first flying car of the world. Aptly named Liberty, it is a car that can convert into a plane in less than 10 minutes. With a 200-hp engine, this car can easily reach the speeds of 100 miles per hours. Even the flying speed of the car is approx. 112 miles per hour.

However, the car is designed only for two people, a driver and a passenger. It follows all the aviation guidelines of the US and Europe and has passed all road-safety laws as well. However, for someone to drive this car, a license to fly will also be essential. Once the final safety regulations are met, the car will be seen on road within a year.

Toyota GR Supra

Everybody loves racing concepts and the Toyota GR Supra handled the expectations really well in this year’s show. The racing-spec loaded Supra brings in the beautiful wide-arched back with a powerful rear-wheel drive option. It is a spectacular blend of Japanese engineering and German precision. The car will be available in 2019 and the preview left many attendees awe-struck. Don’t expect manual transmission in this car. It could be next year’s game changer.

Lagonda Vision Concept

This car brings in Aston Martin’s electric vehicle dream to life. The superbly futuristic and outrageously alien car packs in large, elongated windshields for 360-degree views of the surroundings. It has maximized space for superior comfort and added 2 rotating front seats. These can move 180 degrees for a supreme conference experience. It is like moving around the city in your own comfortable conference room. The Lagonda Vision Concept brings in several futuristic styling elements, helping launch a new sub-brand for Aston Martin in the luxury EV segment.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

Porsche revealed two cars during the show that spellbound the audience. The first was Porsche 911 GT3 RS which packs in 513bhp in 4.0-liter engineer. The second one was the Mission E Cross Turismo, creating an electric crossover for the soft roader. While most other electric cars on display were all-electric, this one is a larger, more comfortable saloon launch SUV that will be loved by people who like powerful vehicles with a twist.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe Concept

Do you love the 8-series? Get ready for the brand-new Gran Coupe, which could be seen in showrooms near you soon. This concept is by far one of the best we have seen in the 8 series. It comes with 911 chasing and a svelte look that would make you feel awesome stepping into it.

The Geneva motor show will be open for the public till the 18th of March. You can see these and many more vehicles on display here.

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