The Evolution of Automobile Technology

Although there are naturally many different types of cars manufactured for different classes and pocket sizes, for the most part it doesn’t take all that long for one piece of technology released to go beyond its pioneering status to find itself forming part of just about every new car that rolls off the production line. Something like parking assistance technology for example is perhaps a standard feature in even the smallest of cars on the market today, while any mid-range sedan could perhaps not claim to be one if it doesn’t have this technology.

Higher-end vehicles now even park themselves, although this nifty piece of tech contained in such cars is probably still somewhat of a novelty and makes for a bit of fun to impress your friends and colleagues with.

It does indeed get a bit serious with the technology contained in automobiles though and is not all about just some clever little hacks. Whichever car manufacturer pioneers a piece of new technology often has a specific name which they associate with it, but not very long after that all other car manufacturers find a way around the patent if one even exists.

In many instances it doesn’t even help to bother with a patent, or sometimes the patent is just obtained so that nobody could pull the sneaky move of patenting technology which already exists and was introduced to the market by someone else – by the pioneer.

But now getting into some of the serious tech which goes into the automobile industry, naturally quite a big focus would fall onto safety and we’re well beyond the days when only the biggest cars had airbags in them. It’s pretty much a standard feature as well these days.

Other safety features take the form of technology which appears to be spatially aware of its surroundings, but this only makes clever use of sensors and cameras. For example, very recently the car manufacturer sponsoring this year’s World Cup in Russia rather heavily marketed that safety feature which locks the door if the passenger is trying to open it while there’s a car approaching. It essentially saves you from getting your hand torn off or from getting hit by an on-coming vehicle that might have been in your blind spot.

If we’re to expand on the safety angle of the evolution of automobile tech then a little bit of unfairness would reveal itself to be a reality, because then what this would mean is that only those who can afford to buy the biggest and most expensive cars would get the safety features.

This however is why the insurance industry has pretty much entered the game, with some devices fitted to their clients’ vehicles which could come in handy should there be a need to perhaps provide some evidence to an Ohio personal injury lawyer to help in a case such as an insurance claim where the impact detector did indeed detect an impact. Gadgets such as those which detect your driving patterns are also becoming commonplace, coming in handy to turn us into better drivers who employ safer driving practices.

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Gavin Mcgee is a car dealer and enthusiast. Having been connected to cars since his childhood Gavin knows a lot about various cars, their makers, models, servicing and is willing to share his knowledge with others and help them solve any problems they might have related to automobiles and motorycles.