Customised Caravan Solutions for That Perfect Holiday Experience

We Australians love the outdoor life, and who could blame us, with such a diversity of natural beauty to explore, and for those who wish to take the camping experience to another level, customised caravans offer the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Just as one would prefer to design one’s living space, the holiday accommodation can also be designed around your lifestyle, and with all the comforts of home, you and your family can experience the Australian wilderness like never before.

One Step Further

The majority of people will settle for a predesigned caravan, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is possible to source a caravan supplier who offers a bespoke fitout service. Once you have selected your unit, then you and the expert can sit down and discuss possible improvements, and with a little creativity and imagination, your holiday accommodation will be tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Interior Fitout

The interior fitout defines the functionality, and the combination of an expert designer and your ideas will result in the perfect outcome. If you find the right supplier, they have their own factory, where the units are built, and with caravan dealers in Melbourne who fit the bill, your new caravan will be the last one you ever buy! You can visit their premises and choose the leather interior and carpet fabric from an extensive catalogue, and watch your unit be fabricated, which will give you the ideal camping accommodation.

Skilled Cabinet Makers

With a team of skilled joiners and master craftsmen at your disposal, you get to decide how the unit is fitted out, and with a wide variety of veneer patterns and colours, the interior can be fitted out to your precise specifications, which has to be a better alternative to an off the shelf solution. How you use your caravan plays a role in design, and if you like to disappear into the outback for weeks on end, the unit can be designed accordingly, or alternatively, you might be a weekend tourer who typically stays at a campsite. Not every caravan needs to be completely independent, and the supplier would focus on the client’s needs, whatever they might be.

Technology to the Rescue

Seeing as you are designing the unit from the ground up, you have carte blanche regarding how the caravan is fitted out, and with state of the art solar camping mats and deep charge batteries, you can actually be energy independent. Imagine heading off into the outback for a week and not having to worry about where your power is coming from? The advances in solar panel technology allow for efficient energy storage and with the solar panels installed on the roof, simply plug in and you are good to go! Devices and appliances can be integrated with digital technology, allowing you to control everything from your smartphone, and with clean, renewable energy at your fingertips, there’s no limit  to where you can go. A digital TV antenna can be built into the roof for crystal clear reception, and the electrics can be configured for a campsite plugin, as well as fitting a solar panel system, giving you a choice of energy sources. A gas or electric water heater will ensure complete comfort, and with a mains water tap and a separate water storage tank installed, you really will be self sufficient in any remote environment.

A Sound Investment

Customising your own caravan is a wise investment, which will provide you and your family with the ultimate in leisure luxury, and over the years, you and your family will reap the benefits of having a caravan that ticks all the boxes. Custom caravans offer the Australia family a unique opportunity to tailor the leisure experience, and with the many years of hands-on experience from the provider, there’s little that can’t be done in terms of caravan design.

New Unit Design

Many people prefer to order a new caravan and have it fitted out to their own specifications, and as the supplier is the same company that builds the units, nothing has to be removed in order to have a custom build. There is one such Australian company that has been buildingcaravans for almost a century and they are the people to contact if you want the best.

Make an Enquiry

The caravan dealer would have a strong online presence, and if you happen to live in the Melbourne area, you can visit their factory and spend some time exploring the options. If you’re new to the camping experience, it’s an idea to get some experience under your belt, and they would likely have a range of affordable used caravans, which would be a better introduction, and the next time you upgrade, you will have a clearer picture of your camping requirements and can take the customised route.

With customised caravans, the sky is the limit, and as far as a holiday investment goes, there isn’t a better way to ensure that your future holidays will be spent in comfort.

Author Bio

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