Car Maintenance Habits That You Must Develop to Save Money and Avoid Headaches

Owning a car is a headache for those who don’t understand how to maintain it. Like every other asset you own, your car also demands regular upkeep and maintenance and failure to do so will result in problems. It is a falsehood to believe that you can go to a service station every few thousand miles and keep your car in top shape.

Get ready to spend some time in cleaning and maintaining your car every weekend at home. It will help it run longer and avoid any surprise damages when you least expect them.

Give it a thorough wash every weekend

If you own a car, this is the least you can do every week to help it run more smoothly. Simply give your car a thorough wash every weekend. If you take the car out for everyday commute, it is as essential as a bath. Use a car cleaning agent and a water hose to clean your car. You could also clean the car properly with just some soap, sponge and a couple of buckets of water. Make sure that you clean out all dirt and debris from the car, inside and out. Freshen it up with some car perfume.

Look under the hood every now and then

Do you find small electronic problems with the car? Does the car have a funny smell that you simply can’t get rid of? Does the car engine often get heated? The answers to all these questions are hiding beneath the hood. First of all, check if the coolant in the car is running out. Check with the help of a stick. If the quantity is low, simply add some more coolant with the help of a funnel. Make sure you are using the same brand that is inside the car.

Now, look for the fuse board of the car. Most fuses handle small functions like operating the power windows or speakers and lighting up different LEDs on the dashboard. If any of these functions is not working well, check for a blown fuse. You can feel it by touching the fuse. If the wire has come off the fuse or if it appears melted, it has most likely blown off. Just replace with a new switch. It only takes a minute.

If the problem if with funny smells, improper airflow inside the car or the engine giving up frequently, the problem could be with the air filter. It is a small filter placed inside the air filter box under the hood. Just take it out, clean it or replace it and the problem will be gone.

Battery check up

Most batteries these days last longer and give hassle-free performance. However, dirt and debris may often pile up on the debris which leads to problems. Make sure that the terminals of the battery are clean. If you are not using a car regularly, make sure to turn it on every week (or at least every 2 weeks) and let the engine run for a few minutes. This will preserve the battery. If you don’t do this, you will have to replace the battery which is a very costly affair.

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Gavin Mcgee is a car dealer and enthusiast. Having been connected to cars since his childhood Gavin knows a lot about various cars, their makers, models, servicing and is willing to share his knowledge with others and help them solve any problems they might have related to automobiles and motorycles.