The Biggest Car Racing Events of All Times

Car races have become synonymous to adrenaline rush. With the top manufacturers, best drivers and the best of car technologies at the forefront, races help in pushing brands. They also give legendary status to drivers who triumph the challenges of the race. No matter who wins, it is the viewers who always get the most out of these events.

Do you like car racing too? Check out the biggest car racing events featuring Formula 1 cars, stock cars and GT cars.

Monaco Grand Prix

Nothing beats this F1 event in Monaco. It is clearly the best ever car racing event in the world and combines thrill with scenic locations. It is a big event full of glitz, guts and glamor. The race is being organized since 1929 in the streets of Monte Carlo that await drivers every year for a thrilling event. But this is not all, this event is one of the toughest F1 events of all times.

The streets of tight and lined with concrete on both sides. Elevation in the streets is often very demanding and the car reaches its top speed inside a tunnel. Now that’s what we call superior thrill. You can even see the who’s who of the business and arts industry witnessing this spectacle with awe.

Indy 500

Forget about the glamor of racing. Focus on mind boggling top speeds, higher average speeds than anywhere else and a qualifying lap where reaching 220mph will barely get you to the spot. This is the Indianapolis 500 and this event is designed for the hardcore racing fans who can’t help but love cars swirling around the laps at mind numbing speeds. It is often called the ‘greatest spectacle in racing’ and it has reasons to support the argument. Winning here is an honor and even qualifying for the race means that you are a genuinely good driver.

24 Hours of Le Mans

It is difficult to keep your eyes off the most beautiful and visually spectacular race of all times. The Le Mans will take you on the tour of the French countryside, which is shaken once a year with the throttling speeds of the best racing cars in business. The sports car racing event is designed for those who have guts, stamina as well as a penchant for staying in the game till the end.

This race features multiple drivers on the same team who have to finish this 24-hour race, regardless of the weather, light conditions or the challenges of public roads. This endurance race tests the mettle of drivers as well as car manufacturers, helping them up the ante in the racing game every year.

Daytona 500

Did we miss the biggest NASCAR event of all times? No, we didn’t. Daytona brings memories and nostalgia of our first racing experiences. It is a restrictor plate race and often starts the racing season. Not to mention, Daytona is a one of a kind NASCAR event that is incidentally the biggest motor sporting event in the US.

Which race do you like the most? Are you planning to attend any of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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