5 Signs your suspension is going out

The suspension on your car is something that isn’t on the top of your maintenance list, most likely. That being said, you should probably re-evaluate your thoughts on this. Your suspension is what carries your car around; and your car is heavy. Here are some signs that your cars suspension is going out and is in need of repair.

  1. Pulling to one side

This is the most common sign of suspension problems. If the tires are not aligned they will wear down unevenly and cause damage to the car. Ensure that you always have efficient tyre pressure so that is can be easier to diagnose if there is a problem.

  1. Feeling every bump

If your ride is becoming rough, you may need new shocks and/or struts. If your car is bouncing at every bump, it’s time to get that suspension looked at.

  1. One corner sits lower than the rest

If one corner of your car sits lower than the rest on level ground, it could be a sign you need a replacement spring.

Springs are often damaged by a blown shock, meaning you should get them both looked at and replace anything that is broken immediately.

  1. Diving, rolling and leaning

If you notice any of the above, it is likely that your shocks and/or struts are in need of replacement.

  1. Difficulty steering

If you find steering especially different, your suspension may be to fault. If you notice this, it may not always be due to the suspension. Make sure you check all these other components too:

  • Low power steering fluid
  • Worn or loose power steering belt
  • Faulty power steering pump
  • Leaking power steering rack
  • Worn control arm bushings

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